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Public interest

2021 Article for The Conversation - Griffith, OW, Dudley JS From baby blue-tongues to elephant doulas: motherhood across the animal kingdom. 7/05/2021 

2019 Article for The Conversation - Griffith, OW New research could lead to a pregnancy test for endangered marsupials. 20/06/2019

2018 Opinion Piece for the Sydney Morning Herald - Griffith, OW Growing up gay in a Christian school had lasting effects on my life. 06/11/2018 

2017 Article for The Conversation - Griffith, OW What marsupials taught us about embryo implantation could help women using IVF. 27/07/2017

2017 Article for The Conversation – Griffith, OW Using the placenta to understand how complex organs evolve. 29/03/2016

2016  Article for The Conversation – Griffith, OW 2016 Pregnancy: cooperative paradise or conflict-driven battle between mother and child?, 05/05/2016

2014    Article for The Conversation – Griffith, OW 2014 Lizards help us find out which came first: The baby or the egg?, 20/08/2014


32. Ishihara, T, Fenelon, JC, Griffith, OW, Ishiguro, K, Renfree, MB (In Press) Conserved H3K27me3-associated chromatin remodelling allows STRA8 but not MEIOSIN expression in mammalian germ cells. Reproduction.

31. Ishihara, T, Hickford, D, Fenelon, JC, Griffith, OW, Suzuki, S, Renfree, MB (2022) Evolution of the short form of DNMT3A, DNMT3A2, occurred in the common ancestor of mammals. Genom. Biol. Evol. 14(7).

30. Ishihahra, T, Hickford, D, Griffith, OW, Suzuki, S, Renfree, MB (In Press) Placental imprinting of SLC22A3 in the IGF2R imprinted domain is conserved in therian mammals. Epigenetics Chromatin. 15(32)

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