Lecturer of Evolutionary Genomics


Deparment of Biological Sciences

Macquarie University



Email: oliver.griffith@mq.edu.au

My research uses wildlife models to address critical questions in ecology and evolution. Most notably, I aim to address how mutation and selection support the evolution of complex traits in animals such as the evolution of new organs. To achieve this, my research integrates genomics, developmental biology, ecology, and ecophysiology using terrestrial vertebrates. My current projects use genetic, genomic, and cell biology techniques to identify how complex components of pregnancy have evolved. This includes the evolution of placental nutrient transfer, maternal – fetal signalling, and the beneficial aspects of inflammation during pregnancy.



2020           Subject convenor BIOL1110 Genes to Organisms

Macquarie University

2019           Lecturer BIOL30001 Reproductive Physiology – University of

Melbourne (2 lectures, Placentation and Parturition)

2019           Lecturer Zool20006 Comparative Animal Physiology –

University of Melbourne (3 lectures on thermal ecology)

2018            Comparative Animal Physiology - University of Melbourne

                      - Ecophysiology and Temperature (4 lectures)

2018            Evolution: Making Sense of Life - University of Melbourne

                    (1 lecture)

2017            Comparative Anatomy - Yale University


2016            Functional Genomics Evolution - Yale University